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Home Security Begins at the Gate

Years ago, home security at best was a chain on the front door. Those days are gone and home security is now serious business. There are not many places left where security is not a valid issue, making alarm systems a priority amongst most homeowners, apartment and condo dwellers. These days, best home alarm systems even utilize gates on the front door and at the driveway.

Front door gates have almost always been a feature of a commercial establishment, but up until recently, front door gates on a residence would have been considered as overkill. Not anymore. Multiple locks on a door and a warning posted upfront that says your home is protected by a security system is not even enough; a security gate acts as further deterrent to a would be home invader.

Although there are numerous ways to gain entry to a house, a door is the most direct. They are visible means of entrance, but they also provide an opportunity to tell a burglar that you take home security seriously, simply by the installation of a gate.

When reading about gates in various home security reviews, you will no doubt note that the material of choice is steel; either stainless or carbon, depending on your home’s design and external d├ęcor. When compared to other methods of providing home security, gates are relatively inexpensive. The two types of door gates are those that swing like a normal door and those that fold. Folding gates are often seen on commercial properties; they act somewhat like an accordion and can be folded to the side of the door when they are not in use. They are also considerably lighter than a door made from steel bars.

According to Vivint reviews, a driveway gate does for the property what a door gate does for the house. If entering the property is made difficult, the thief will more often than not move on to a softer target. Even if the gate is low and rather easy to jump over, the possibility of stealing your car is made much more difficult.

Driveway gates are available as swing gates, rolling gates and lift gates. If the property has sufficient room, swing or rolling gates are less expensive. In many suburban properties, space is at a premium so lift gates are the solution as they go up and down and require very little space to operate in.

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